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Let lawyers do the lawyer stuff!

Does entering into a legal, binding contract with a stranger without expert advice kind of intimidate you? There's no such stress with this negotiation platform. Potential buyers can submit offers on your property, parties can counter terms back and forth until everything is agreed on, then the system will provide a non-binding, preliminary summary of all the details. Then your lawyers will use it to draft and execute the legally-binding agreement. That's what they're paid for!

They're also paid to verify a seller's claim on a property, and their right to sell it. This negotiation platform includes a default condition for the buyer's lawyer to use a digital ID verification process, the kind that is used by banks and governments. It's a more robust method than the old photo-id method that most traditional real estate Agents use.

Speaking of default conditions, both the seller and buyer have several included to protect their own interests. In addition to those, either party can add more conditions from a pre-populated list, or custom ones drafted by their lawyer/Agent. Often in real estate, sellers are reminded to add a condition on sufficient funds, and buyers are reminded to add one for home inspections, but this system gives you the opportunity to add many more that may be relevant to the sale.


Easy to use, with lots of help along the way!

We're just getting our platform launched. More features are coming soon! For now we can offer you a very intuitive interface, with little help tips along the way to explain the steps; dynamic icons to show you what's completed and what still needs to be done; and a very nifty dashboard to give you a high-level overview of all your offers. You can easily compare what offers are still active and what ones have been declined. The highest and lowest offers are highlighted, along with the different deadlines you need to keep track of for each offer. You can also see at a glance what the sticking points are in each negotiation, right from the dashboard!

An innovative feature of our platform is the 'apples-to-apples' calculator. It deducts commission fees and taxes (if a buyer is represented by an Agent) from the offer price. That gives you what we call the effective offer price, so you can compare it to the offer prices from buyers that do not have Agents. The dashboard will indicate what offer prices are fixed, and what offer prices are subject to deductions.

We provide how-to guides (one for sellers, and one for buyers) and videos, and finally...you can always contact us directly for personal support if you have questions. We're always happy to help.


It's YOUR equity!

If the above information isn't enough to convince you to try it out, here's the most compelling reason: You can use this negotiation platform for a flat fee of $499 (actually, it's free right now for a limited time!) or you can pay tens of thousands of dollars in commissions, for an Agent to post your ad (but you can do that), negotiate your deal (but you can do that) and execute the final contract (but your lawyer can do that).

Selling privately involves some minimal costs, such as for lawyer services, photography and staging, but isn't it worth it to try and save the equity you've built up?

(By the way, check out our geography-specific service directory for all your ancillary real-estate service needs. It's never been easier to find the tools and support you need!)


I want people to know how easy it is to sell privately!

We have created a ground-breaking technology to help homeowners negotiate real estate deals directly, without the need for real estate Agents. About ten years ago I needed to sell my home and wanted to save as much equity as I could, so I explored the for-sale-by-owner approach. I signed up with Property Guys, and discovered that I could pay a flat fee for extra services, but that various requirements would cause delays in getting it posted in MLS. I had to sell it quickly, so while I waited, I created a free post in Kijiji.ca. Within a day, I had two people contact me for viewings of the property. The first person that came through ended up buying it. We worked through our lawyers, and had the whole deal done before the listing even appeared in MLS!

Connie Heintz, CEO

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The one part of the process that scared me was having to deal with the 'Agreement of Purchase and Sale'. It was very confusing with all the legal jargon, and after all the back and forth, so many things were crossed out and initialed that I wasn't even sure of what the final terms were. I was uncomfortable doing such an important, legally-binding process with a form that was so intimidating. Besides, in the 21st century, isn't it kind of antiquated to be scanning and faxing paper copies of hand-written details? I thought, there had to be a better way.
Well, after 8 years of trying different ways to help homeowners sell privately (and getting a real estate license in the process), we have finally launched what we believe is the key to really launching the FSBO movement...for real this time! So many FSBO services have tried and failed because they took Agents away (along with their commissions), but didn't replace them with the tools people would need to succeed on their own. This DIYoffer Negotiation platform takes the intimidation away, and provides a secure, user-friendly way of doing real estate deals, with plenty of support and guidance along the way. Check it out!



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