Sell Your Home on
Your Own

  • Sell for 0% commissions if you want
  • Get rewarded for your hard work
  • Maximize the value of your home equity

Your Home Buying

  • Be an informed seller
  • Minimize expensive mistakes
  • Maximize your exposure

Your Online Negotiation

  • Provides step-by-step pop-ups along the way
  • Includes a commission sharing tool for the buyer to enhance their offer
  • Provides a dashboard to easily review the status of all offers

What is DIYoffer?

DIYoffer is an all encompassing platform that supports ‘for sale by owner’ real estate transactions. There are three elements to the platform:

  • 1) DIY Listing to post property details and pictures, and
  • 2) DIY Offer platform to accept offers from buyers, allowing the parties to negotiate back and forth sending email notices for each counter. When one offer is accepted a non-binding Term Sheet is emailed out to the parties and their lawyers to then draft and execute the final contract, and
  • 3) DIY Directory to connect to all the services that you need in the process of selling or buying property, from the day you list your home to the day you move out. 


The unique element of our platform is that DIY does not mean by yourself. We partner with real estate lawyers and are flipping the traditional model. This benefits you by saving on the commission fees and you have legal counsel from your lawyer through the whole process.

Learn the best home-selling practices with the step-by-step Seller’s Guide which puts you in the driver’s seat.

Feel confident in conducting a Property Showing and an Open House with the Visitation Record and Feature Sheet.

Maximize local visibility with our For Sale By Owner and Open House lawn signs.

Maximize online visibility on our social media platforms, and share with your friends, family and colleagues.

Easily post the Make an Offer* to:

  • any free classified site
  • your company/employee classified portal
  • your social media pages


* DIY Negotiation is our signature platform that allows sellers and buyers work out the details of a real estate transaction directly, without the need for mediation from third parties.

The DIYoffer Home Selling Advantage

Save and Save even more
As the seller, you save on the Listing agent fees, and our Offer Equalizer feature allows the buyer to sweeten their offer by contributing to the remaining commission fees.
Be a savvy seller
Our platform allows you to withhold offers, compare offers apples-to-apples in the Dashboard, and ensure the buyer’s finances are in order.
Maximize your exposure
Easily post the Make an Offer link to any site, including Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

Use our calculator to determine exactly how much you can save with DIYoffer

For DIYoffer, you must determine the amount you wish to pay to a Buyer’s agent, either a percentage (%) of the transaction or a dollar ($) amount.

Enter your Home Value
Enter a commission fee (e.g. 5%) normally split between Listing & Buying Agents:
Traditional Real Estate
DIYoffer Sign-Up Fee:**
Paid at closing - When you Sell:
Commission Fees to Listing Agent:
Commission Fees to Buying Agent:
Total Home Selling Expenses:
DIYoffer Savings
*Currently DIYoffer is only available in Ontario.
**Please contact us if you are a volume seller, and we can customize a deal for you.

Our service provides the Right Tools to allow you to Save BIG!

DIY Listing + Negotiations

Includes professional pictures

Posted on & our social media pages, and on additional off-market listings.

Includes ‘For Sale by Owner’ sign and a hanging sign post. As well as two riders: Open House and Sold

Provides the documents to be ready for any property showing.

Our DIY negotiation platform provides you with a unique offer link that you can easily share on social media, classified ads and email to any interested buyer.

Helps to maximize your offers and then review them together.  You can negotiate with all offer all at once, until one offer is accepted.

For every offer and counter offer, you are notified by email so you can stay informed.

Allows the  buyer to review the offer price excluding any commissions paid, to contribute to the Buyer Agent commissions

Allows you to view all the offers in one convenient location. Easily see whose court the offer is in. It provides an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison so you have a better understanding of all offers: offers with agents versus offers without agents.

Once the two parties have worked out the deal, then a non-binding Term Sheet is emailed out to the lawyers or a REALTOR® to prepare the binding contract for signatures. If the binding contract is not signed, then come back to continue negotiating with other offers on the table.

Once the Term Sheet is provided you start working with your lawyer to ensure you are protected and you have your lawyer ensuring everything is good-to-go ahead to close.

There is no upfront cost  – Pay when you sell.

$400 Discount = $599 + HST 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional costs over and above DIYoffer fee?

There are no additional fees for DIYoffer; DIYoffer is an a la carte service where you decide what extra services you need. We have made it easy for you to connect to these services through our Service Directory under Preparation.

Some services that are recommended are:

  • Home Staging – Staged homes sell faster and for more.
  • Property Appraisal – Determines your market value.
  • Professional Pictures – Maximize your online presence.
  • Rented Sign Post – Better visibility and stands up to the elements.
  • Legal Consultation – Make sure you have disclosed all of your legal obligations to an interested party.


Who determines the Listing Price for the Property?

You have two options to assist you, which are:

  1. Hire a Property Appraiser –  There will be a charge for this service and will receive an Estimated Market Value Report.
  2. Do your own online research –  If you have some time, there is so much information that is accessible at your fingertips.  In our free Seller’s Guide, we provide a list of websites to check out.


Why would I pay for something when I could call a REALTOR® determine a listing price for free?

Just bear in mind that a REALTOR® is not a neutral party; when a REALTOR® assists you in selling your property, the REALTOR® is a party in the transaction and there is the potential of being biased. Hiring a Property Appraiser will cost you but there is peace of mind to know that there is no possibility of any conflict of interest.

Check out our Service Directory  under Professional.

When is doing a DIY sale not the right fit?

Doing a DIY real estate service is not the right fit for all, so saying that, when is it not the right fit?

  1. When it is a busy-family with young kids and busy careers, or
  2. When you have to move quickly for work, or
  3. When it is an estate, or
  4. When it is seniors with no family close by, or
  5. When the seller is not comfortable with an online experience.
How much time do I have to commit to sell privately?

There is no set answer since each property is different; saying that, the answer is a question back to you:

If your employer/boss came to you and indicated there was a big project that needed to be finished, and if you could commit 3 or 4 extra hours a week, for a couple months, if the project was completed you could potentially earn a bonus of half of your salary, would you do it?


Who takes the pictures?

These days smartphones have great camera capabilities, and the iPhone 11 & 12 have wide-angle lens capabilities, which will allow you to take a full room picture.  Another alternative is you can hire a professional photographer for a few hundred dollars.

Check out our Service Directory  under Preparation –> Photographers/Marketing Services.

Can I have a video of the home and property?

Yes, a lot of the Photographers/Marketing Services also provide video or drone photos.

Check out our Service Directory  under Preparation.

What is the minimum commission fee that I can offer to a REALTOR®?

It is to your discretion on how aggressively you want to attract an offer from a REALTOR®.   If you are open to accepting an offer from a REALTOR®, it is recommended to call your local real estate association/board to determine the fees for your local area. That way, if you truly want to accept an offer from a REALTOR® you won’t be losing out.

Can I withhold offers?

Yes! This is when the seller sets a specific date and time and will review all offers together. This is a technique often used to increase the chances of having multiple competitive offers, resulting in higher bids. This is ideal for a brand new listing just on the market. If you want to try this method, keep in mind that you may or may not get multiple offers, in which case you would then accept an individual offer on a first-come-first-served basis.

DIYoffer Inc. is a Canadian federal incorporated business.
Currently available in Ontario.


Our privacy policy is available here.

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